Michael's Perspective

I am kind of a low-key person, but you only propose once and I knew that it was important to have a very meaningful proposal.  In my head I always knew that it should be in Paris.  We had seen Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris”, and there is something  very magical about that city. We had planned a summer trip to Paris for some months, and I had intended to propose there for awhile. I also wanted it to be a complete surprise. I had asked Caroline what kind of ring she would want and worked with a jeweler in New York to create the perfect ring - a nice Edwardian center diamond surrounded by pink diamonds.  The jeweler worked hard and - without telling this to Caroline - I literally got the final ring on the day we were leaving for Paris. I was supposed to pick up Caroline at 1p.m., but on the way to the airport, I got stuck in traffic. Caroline kept on calling, and I kept on saying I was in traffic—which was true, I was in traffic to get to the jeweler and to pick up the ring! Finally I got the ring and was hiding the ring in my jacket pocket on the airport security line. When the security guard asked what it was, I had to show it to him. (Thankfully Caroline was on a different line so she didn’t see anything.) The guard gave the ring a thumbs up. This is when I knew this would all work out fine. I proposed very early in the trip, so we could enjoy the rest of the trip as an engaged couple.

Caroline's Perspective (Written by Michael)

I was completely shocked. He really took me completely by surprise. I didn’t think the jeweler was finished with the ring, so I assumed the proposal wouldn’t happen in Paris. We landed and checked in at the hotel. That's where I saw Andre Leon Talley, a star from Conde Nast where I work - I remember telling Michael I knew that was a good sign for our trip! We took a little nap at the hotel, then Michael and I walked along the Seine river for about 20 minutes. We finally reached the Pont Neuf, and Michael insisted that we cross that particular bridge. About half way across the bridge, we stopped and sat down in a little bench on the bridge. I was drinking a Diet Coke. It was twilight, with Paris glistening on both sides of the river, Notre dame in the distance.  All of a sudden, Michael asked me if I thought this would be a good place to propose, he got down on one knee, then he started telling me that we were on the Pont Neuf, which means “new bridge” in French, and that this symbolized the “bridge” between our old life and our “new” life that we would share together; and that we were coming off the “right bank” of the river because we were “right” for each other.  Then he took the ring out of his pocket—it was the most amazing ring—and he asked me to marry him! I was in complete shock, but I said yes right away. Then we called, texted and emailed my mother, brother and aunt—apparently Michael had already talked to my mother and aunt about this before, so they were all in on the secret.  Michael and I went back to that spot on the bridge several times during our trip, and we discussed bringing our children there years from now and telling them that is where the proposal happened.

Here is a picture of us on the bridge right after Michael proposed to Caroline.