It took over two and a half years for Michael and Caroline to go on their first date. But it wasn't long after that Michael began changing Caroline for the better - he was getting her to come out of her shell. 

Could marriage be far behind? 

A lawsuit threat, a Don Rickles encounter, a trip to the Okeefenokee swamp and a whole lot of rosé later they found themselves in Paris. Merely hours after a rare Andre Leon Talley sighting at the Place Vendôme (a harbinger of good things to come if there ever were one), Michael popped the question.

On this bridge.

And thankfully he did! She said "What? Are you serious?? YESSSSS!"

Here is our website dedicated to everything to come. We're excited to have friends and family from across the country come together to ring in the beginning of our life as husband and wife! We're so excited and can't wait to see your lovely faces! 

Caroline & Michael